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A Book of Three Novelettes just for the Lover In You......

A Man’s World
Will one man sacrifice a life-long friendship, loyalties and his life to be with his one true love?

Indigo’s Blues
When prim and proper Indigo is thrust into a passion filled relationship. Will she throw caution to the wind and allow herself to fall for what feels so right but could be so wrong.

Reality Bites
What happens when Camille falls for her co-star? Things start to get complicated on and off camera.

At Last Front

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Keisha Morgan is caught in a whirlwind. Between raising a child on her own, maintaining a relationship with her daughter's father and trying to focus on her career she is dangerously burning the candle at both ends.

Without notice, tragedy strikes. A lover from her past returns with promises of a new beginning. But will promises be enough to secure a happy ending?

When the search of love leads to the discovery of oneself...

At Last was an excellent read by Bianca Eugene. Eugene has a flare for writing. She draws you in from the very beginning and holds you hostage there to the very end of the story.

~ Urban Reviews

This book deserves a double star rating of 10 stars. By reading the book description, I don't think the author did this book justice with the brief description. If you love AA Urban Fiction Romance, you will love this story.

~ Romance Novel Junkies: Lady Raven RAVE!

I loved how author Bianca L Eugene developed each character. She gave enough information to make you feel as if you knew the characters personally. With "At Last," there was never a dull moment.

~ OOSA Online Book Club

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Here & Now
The sequel to At Last

What happens when everything you ever hoped and dreamed of becomes reality?

Keisha has been searching her whole life for love and fulfillment. At Last, she finds true love with her husband Cliff. Her career is finally taking off how she has always wanted; she is making her own rules and loving life. But what happens when a past lover makes her an offer that she cannot refuse?

Join Keisha as she explores love, loss, regret and finally redemption, in Here & Now the sequel to At Last.

Bianca L. Eugene

Bianca Pic
Bianca L. Eugene was born in Detroit,Michigan. She studied journalism at Wayne State University. She has written for several publications; including The Southfield Observer and Eccentric and Wayne State University's student newspaper, The South End.

At Last, is her first work of fiction. She is in the process of completing her second novel, the sequel to At Last, Here and Now which is due for release 2013. In addition she is also writing a book of novelettes titled: Love Calls.

Becoming a published author is her dream come true. She hopes to touch and inspire many readers with her words and characters.

Bianca resides in a suburb of Detroit, MI with her husband.